The Initial Consultation

Because we strive to help you gain admissions to the best school for you, we begin the admissions process with an in-depth 1½ to 2-hour consultation with student and parent(s) to make an initial assessment and begin a discussion about potential schools. This provides us with the opportunity to gather information and comprehensively evaluate your academic and extracurricular records, make recommendations based on your strengths and weaknesses. In addition, you will be able to assess whether you want to work with us. Once the initial consultation is completed, we offer a package that includes the following:

1.   Advice regarding the pre-admissions process

  • Selecting courses during high school that will reflect achievement in rigorous classes
  • Selecting and scheduling standardized tests that will best demonstrate your accumulated knowledge
  • Deciding the most appropriate method of test preparation based on your individual needs – private tutoring vs. classes (Admissions Accomplished® does not provide test preparation nor are we affiliated with any test preparation organization.)
  • Choosing extracurricular and volunteer activities that bring personal satisfaction and emphasize your uniqueness
  • Planning summer activities/employment

2.   Assistance with the entire admissions process

  • Identifying appropriate target, reach and safety schools and preparing a final list of schools based on the criteria most important to you
  • Strategic guidance through the Early Decision/ Early Action decision making process
  • Mock interviews in preparation for on-campus and alumni interviews with actual questions asked at top-tier schools
  • Preparation of a concise, clear resume to highlight your strengths and accomplishments
  • Suggestions to identify the best people from whom to request letters of recommendation
  • Help with all essays and applications including topic development and unlimited editing of essays and personal statements
  • A detailed work plan to ensure that all applications and supporting materials are completed well ahead of deadlines
  • Guidance if deferred or waitlisted to maximize your chances of acceptance
  • Assistance in choosing a school and preliminary major once acceptances are received

3.   Unlimited access to us throughout the admissions process

  • You can contact us by phone and/or email
  • We are available seven days per week including evenings

Our strategies are based on years of direct experience. Counseling and assessment is provided by a psychologist. Writing assistance is provided by a professional editors and authors with over two decades of editing experience.  Applications are reviewed by former admissions professionals. There are many “college advising companies” out there. We strongly encourage you to compare Our Credentials with theirs.