“Before Amy and Admissions Accomplished®’s help, my resume and personal statement lacked the level of professionalism needed to get into a top-ranked school.  Even though I had previously met with a counselor at my university’s career center to work on my resume, it still wasn’t up to par.  Amy helped me completely revise, reword, and reformat my resume specifically for the admissions committee.  And as an added bonus, my resume helped me land a competitive summer internship in Washington, DC.  In fact the internship coordinator even commented that it was the most professional looking resume of all the internship applicants!   The Admissions Accomplished team worked with me to craft a personal statement that highlighted my experience and academic interests while at the same time showed off my writing ability.  I’m certain that without the expert advice of Admissions Accomplished® there is no way I would have been accepted at Stanford and I am incredibly grateful for all their help.”