Overwhelming Into Manageable

“Admissions Accomplished® made an overwhelming MBA admissions process manageable. Amy and her team gave full attention to every detail, from selecting an appropriate spectrum of schools to developing unique application themes to preparing for interviews, Admissions Accomplished® provided me with the time and attention I needed (which was not minimal) to put my best foot forward in the application. After I received acceptances from four top schools, Amy even spent time helping me position myself for a merit-based scholarship. Overall, Amy provided me with uncompromised service (as her phone bill would clearly indicate), and provided a personalized touch to the process. Admissions Accomplished® was truly invested in my success.”

MBA Candidate, New York

So Appreciative

“I'm sure somewhere there are parents who relish the college admissions process, however, I wasn't one of them!   Amy brought ‘ease’ to my life.  Our daughter loved talking to and working with Amy.  She trusted and respected her.  Amy's sense of humor, her rapport with teenagers and her admissions expertise were invaluable. I found Amy to always be available and willing to explore any questions we had. Perhaps most of all, I appreciated Amy's ability in helping us all (our daughter, her father and me) gracefully discover and discern what would truly be best for our daughter when we weren't clear or when the three of us disagreed. Having our daughter work with Amy took the stress out of the admissions process and made the holiday season a joy because the admissions applications were not only completed, they were completed ahead of time. Our daughter loves the school she chose to go to and is doing very well academically and socially.”

Parent, California

Yale Interview was Great

“The Yale interview was great. The questions we went over during our last meeting helped immensely: I was able to frame my answers and say the ‘right’ details about things, as opposed to trailing off without a good idea of what I wanted to say. Most of the things we discussed came up in conversation, so I was able to say them with the fluidity and positive spin that we strove for in our ‘practice.’"

Student, Connecticut

Incredibly Grateful

“Before Amy and Admissions Accomplished®’s help, my resume and personal statement lacked the level of professionalism needed to get into a top-ranked school.  Even though I had previously met with a counselor at my university’s career center to work on my resume, it still wasn’t up to par.  Amy helped me completely revise, reword, and reformat my resume specifically for the admissions committee.  And as an added bonus, my resume helped me land a competitive summer internship in Washington, DC.  In fact the internship coordinator even commented that it was the most professional looking resume of all the internship applicants!   The Admissions Accomplished team worked with me to craft a personal statement that highlighted my experience and academic interests while at the same time showed off my writing ability.  I’m certain that without the expert advice of Admissions Accomplished® there is no way I would have been accepted at Stanford and I am incredibly grateful for all their help.”

Graduate Candidate, Massachusetts

Highly Recommend

“I would highly recommend Amy.  She worked diligently with our daughter over several months and kept on top of the process from beginning to end.  Jessica had considered applying to about 10 colleges and Amy worked with her through that.  She worked with Jessica on several iterations of her essays, and had brought in her colleagues for different aspects of the process. Jessica got early acceptance at Yale and Amy and her group were an important factor in that. It was not that Amy took over the whole application.  She still expected Jessica to do the work, but the value of Amy was in finding the best concepts and approaches for the application and the essays in particular.  She provided guidance where needed.  When the acceptance letter came back from Yale, there was a handwritten note from the Dean of Admissions, that Jessica had a distinct voice, and he looked forward to meeting her on campus.  Amy's guidance was such that Jessica's writing was still her own, with Amy's suggestions helping to smooth over the rough edges.”

Parent, Wisconsin