“Tipping the Scale”

The rate of admissions to competitive schools has decreased in recent years due to the swell of qualified applicants. Increasingly, admissions officers are depending upon the intangibles — essays, letters of recommendation, interviews — to guide their decisions. With so many applicants presenting similar scores and grades, admissions professionals are utilizing these supporting materials to differentiate candidates. Students who want to ‘tip’ the scale in their favor can benefit from the professional experience that our experienced team offers.

“Individual Attention”

We are able to provide the individualized attention that many guidance counselors cannot offer. We strongly believe that a majority of high school guidance counselors are qualified, well trained, dedicated, and very knowledgeable about the admissions process. Unfortunately, there simply is a limited amount of time and attention that a guidance counselor can give to any one individual student. In the U.S., the ratio of students to guidance counselors is 478:1. Counselors also have a myriad of duties besides college counseling.  We limit the number of students we work with so our students receive the attention and assistance they require. This can be particularly useful for students who have trouble organizing themselves, difficulty getting started, or who thrive on structure and one-on-one attention.

“A Third Party” to empower students & support parents

Our aim is to empower students. The choice of college is the first of many life-altering, independent decisions they will make. The stress they face is enormous and often overwhelming for even the most gifted students. Our goal is to decrease this stress as much as possible by making the admissions process more manageable.

We also recognize that the admissions process may be confusing and quite stressful for parents. We make every attempt to provide parents with information, guidance, and support during this period. Senior year in high school is naturally a time of separation from parents. As a result, the application process is often fraught with struggles for control and autonomy. We try to minimize this struggle so that we manage the admissions process and you can interact with your children around less charged issues. As one mother so eloquently stated: “When I say something, it’s [garbage]. When you say the same thing, it’s gold.”